Our process

26 January 2022 2022-06-16 12:22


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Firstly, we get to know your business, discuss your current systems and what you’re trying to achieve.  We will then assess whether we believe our solution is suitable for you.

Weighing scales
Requirements review

After discussing your project requirements, we define any features that would require bespoke module development as well as what’s involved in migrating any data into the system.

We then prioritise these using the MoSCoW method into a project plan. The plan is then reviewed and development is scheduled.

Development & Testing

We then begin developing your bespoke modules using the agile methodology, with focus on communication and collaboration ensuring that your software is delivered quickly .

Data import

If applicable, we begin importing your data into the system.

Project incresments
Product increments

We will aim to provide a stable usable solution as early as possible usually with limited functionality. This allows early user testing and provides valuable feedback.

project 1
Product release

Once all project requirements have been developed we issue a release ready for production use.

Ongoing support

Once integrated into your business, we provide full account management packages ensuring your solution remains reliable and performs to expectations.