Case Study: FST STAR


This hybrid android application was developed to provide field staff with the ability to type custom reports with accompanying photographs and upload them whilst still on the road.

  • Created by: Steve Hinder
  • Completed on: December, 2013
  • Skills: Cordova, HTML5, jQuery

Client Requirement

Our client has a team of technicians who visit numerous customers in their homes each day, perform a task and then complete a report summarising what they found and did.  These reports were completed on pen and paper before being typed into an online portal every evening. Photographs were taken using digital cameras which also had to be sorted and uploaded with the correct report.

In order to save the technicians time and increase the accuracy and prompt completion of the reports it was decided that the technicians should each receive a tablet and a system be developed to enable them to view their diaries, complete the reports, collect customer signatures and take photographs from the tablet.

Our Strategy

Because the technicians were field based, there was no guarantee that they would have internet connectivity in the customers homes so it was decided that an app would be the best approach.  Android tablets were selected due to their flexibility and reduced cost.  

Due to the very tight deadline imposed by the client we opted for a hybrid app utilising the Apache Cordova framework. We used Bootstrap for the user interface and AJAX to communicate with an http server via a custom RESTful API. 

The Result

The app was completed on time and rolled out to the team of technicians via the Google Play store. In the 1st year of use over fifty thousand reports & a quarter of a million photos were uploaded using the system.

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