Case Study: Advisor Pro


This web based software has been designed to be genuinely Quick & Easy to use, with the goal of "single data entry" and enables Mortgage Brokers to streamline their work. Advisor Pro links to Assureweb & Mortgage Brain.

  • Created by: Steve Hinder
  • Completed on: January, 2014
  • Skills: PHP, MYSQL, HTML5

Client Requirement

Our client, a small firm of mortgage brokers based in Northampton, required an online system to help manage their cases.  In a heavily regulated environment it is essential that forms are produced and issued to clients promptly and in the correct order. Features required included a custom CRM, PDF document population, a very detailed Fact Find data collection system, integration with 3rd party sourcing systems Assureweb and MortgageBrain, a complex suitability letter generator which creates highly customised letters based on the information collected in the Fact Find and the products selected, email notifications to clients, a reporting suite and many more highly custom features.

Our Strategy

The system is completely custom built using the Codeigniter PHP framework and a MySQL database. The requirement for integration with the Windows application Mortgage Brain meant that an offline "integrator" was also required to return the pdf documents it generated to the web server. We developed a Microsoft .Net application to pass data to and from Mortgage Brain. 

Throughout the development process we worked very closely with the brokers who use the system on a daily basis to overcome many areas where productivity suffered due to repeated data entry creating a seamless sales process from enquiry received to case closed.

The Result

The system significantly reduced the broker’s overhead in managing their client applications, whilst assisting with FSA compliance regulations, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core business activities.

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