Tizo Legal Case Management

Every business is different and so is the way you work. Tizo is built to adapt to your processes, saving time at every step. It will help automate manual and time-consuming tasks allowing you to work on revenue producing work.

Tizo Legal Case Management

Tizo's cloud-based, Legal Case Management system means you can take advantage of integrated matter management, document automation and legal accounting from anywhere at anytime.

A system built for you

The Tizo Legal CMS system that fully customises to your business and the way it operates.

We recognise that each business has evolved its own systems and processes, and with that in mind the Tizo Legal CMS is released as a bespoke product into each business and as you grow, the system will adapt and mold with you.


Bespoke Performance Dashboard

Each user's dashboard can be customised to surface the data that matters to the user.

Choose from a list of metrics on the dashboard allowing teams to focus on what matters - these include; outstanding tasks, new case communications and number of cases opened or closed.

Access can be structured through a permissions function.

Drag and Drop widgets

Why should you have to change the way you work to suit a new system?

Simply create, drag and drop widgets to create new views, new templates and accelerate growth.

​Access 24/7

The Tizo platform is fully cloud-based, allowing full access from anywhere. With a two step access, security is never compromised.

Time Recording and Billing

  • Time recording

    The option to manually or automatically record the time spent working on a case or task be it amending documents, sending emails or speaking with the client. Not only tracking every billable minute, but also making your teams more efficient.

  • Flexible

    As with every feature in Tizo our Time Recording system will be tailored to your firm's requirements and the way you want to bill.

  • Billing

    Whatever your payment mechanism, our system is flexible to meet the needs of your firm and clients, helping to drive efficiency for both.

Inspired Document Management

Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time, wherever they are.

All updates are saved automatically, and versions are logged and instantly accessed, meaning no lost documents or working on an out-of-date version.

  • Document Preparation

    Tizo is fully integrated with Office 365, allowing Word documents to auto-generate through pre-populated forms directly from the case file, eliminating human error and streamlining work streams.

  • Document Storage

    All documents and templates are stored centrally and securely, updates to files are tracked, recorded and archived.

  • Cloud based

    The Tizo platform is fully cloud-based, allowing full access from anywhere. Documents are never downloaded and saved on a local network or individual computer.


Access your most used systems from one platform.

  • File all communications to the relevant case file automatically

    Tizo is fully integrated with Office 365, meaning emails and attachments can be automatically added to corresponding case.

  • Calenders

    Keep track of your day and sync your calendars from all of your accounts.

  • Growing list of integrations

    We are constantly setting up new integrations and partnerships with the market leaders.

I have worked with Tizo for the last couple of years on various IT projects within the FIRA business - Tizo are professional, quick to respond and completely understands and can translate my 'non-IT' speak into working reports and systems even suggesting enhancements, benefitting the service and our clients.

Emma Delea, Business Development Manager

Tizo has revolutionized the way we work. The level of insight and reporting their system generates for us, has had a significant impact on the way we operate.

Judith Turner, Deputy Chief Ombudsman

The Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman
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