Legal, HR and Complaint Case Management Systems and Consultancy

Our experience

Our experts have over 25 years of experience in tech, complaints and case management.


We have developed a range of market leading software systems that are in use by consumers, businesses and public bodies. 

To complement our tech and software expertise, we provide consultancy on the creation and management of complaints processes. 

People centric software

We put users at the heart of our development, to ensure our systems are intuitive, feature-rich and effective, but above all drives efficiency.

Our insights panel comprised of industry experts, clients and end-users helps us to shape our software to ensure that it remains cutting edge and market leading.  


Our systems are robust, user-friendly and easy to use. But just in case, we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year support.


Let our experts help you to transfer seamlessly to our systems, migrate your data and provide your team with personalised training. 


Some of the features of Tizo CMS

Time Recording and Billing

Time recording– The option to manually or automatically record the time spent working on a case or task be it amending documents, sending emails or speaking with the client. Not only tracking every billable minute, but also making your teams more efficient. 


Flexible – Every business and firm is different and so are their processes and they way they bill. Our Time Recording system will be tailored to your requirements. 

Billing- Whatever your payment mechanism, our system is flexible to meet the needs of your firm and clients, helping to drive efficiency for both. 

Central Document Storage and Editing

Document Preparation - Through our Office 365 integration, easily edit templates in Word or through pre-populated merge fields directly from the case file. Minimising mistakes and streamlining work streams.

Document Storage - All documents and templates are stored centrally and securely, updates to files are tracked, recorded and archived. 

Access 24/7 - As our system is cloud based, you can access documents and files whenever you need to, from home or office.

Performance Dashboard

Bespoke Dashboard- Each user's dashboard can be customised to the individual's billing or performance targets.


Each tile on the dashboard can show and track a range of metrics including; outstanding tasks, new case communications and number of cases opened or closed.


Access to reporting data can be restricted through admin permissions. 

Complaint Process Consultancy

Drawing upon 25 years of complaint and conflict resolution experience we advise organisations on the creation of complaint processes and their ongoing management. 

"Tizo has revolutionized the way we work. The level of insight and reporting their system generates for us, has had a significant impact on the way we operate"


Our platforms and the data they produce is used by organisations of all sizes in both the public and private sector.

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